Akansu Boru On Numara Boru

Akansu Boru “On Numara Boru” Venedikte is the latest commercial shot in Venice by Yirmibes Film – 25 Film company.

The Akansu Group, whose central province is in Kayseri, began trading in 1915 with glass manufacture. With the advances in technology allowing it to use the glazing manufacturing system, it pioneered the production of PVC pipes.

The commercial Akansu Boru “On Numara Boru” Venedikte stars the Turkish TV celebrity Sinan Çalışkan as a skilled gondolier and the Besiktas football legend and team manager Sinan Engin as an interested passenger and was shot in the center of Venice along the Grand Canal and in a small square nearby the Accademia wooden bridge.

During the commercial, Sinan Çalışkan, shows Mr Engin the magnificent historical buildings of the city built on the water and the latter explains the proprieties of the new PVC pipe No. 10 (On Numara Boru).

360 Degrees Film organized and managed the preproduction and shooting stages of the commercial.

  • WHEN

    March 2015

  • WHO

    Director: Şahin Altuğ

    Production: Yirmibes Film - 25 Film

    Production Service Venice: 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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