Uniquely, Anri Sala’s project for the French Pavilion was conceived for the exhibition space of the German Pavilion where it was exhibited. It is entitled Ravel Ravel Unravel.

The title of the piece is a play on the verb to ravel and its opposite, to unravel, as well as a reference to the famous French composer Maurice Ravel, who in 1930 composed the Concerto in D for the Left Hand which is at the heart of Anri Sala’s project.

Unravel and Ravel Ravel generates a three-fold narration. The viewer indeed first discovers a film centred on Chloé’s face and whose meaning, in the absence of any music, remains open. After the Ravel Ravel installation, the last film (and second part of Unravel) finally unveils the movements of the DJ filmed in the German Pavilion, on the musical score of Ravel’s «re-unified» Concerto.

In these films, Anri Sala continues his exploration of space and sound, as well as the silent language of the body. He offers an experience based on difference and sameness, in an ambitious piece of work that further pushes his experiments in sound spatialisation. The work appeals just as much to the viewer’s intellect as to his body, creating a powerful physical and emotional experience, immersing the viewer in its music.

360 Degrees Film gave full support filming the DJ’s exhibition and finding an expert crew for the shoot.

  • WHEN

    March 2013

  • WHO

    Artist: Anri Sala

    Production: Eva Albarran & Co - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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