American artist Bart Dorsa has been working for in recent years with new and innovative photographic techniques. His creations challenge conventional notions of beauty, creating images that are experimental and emotional. To achieve this purpose, the artist gradually removes all the superfluities, creating a context of great mystery and the feeling of a discovery.

“Katya” tells the story of a Russian girl discovered by Dorsa himself in Russia, portraying her journey, from an orthodox monastic life through the Moscow underground, and its effects on her skin and body.

Dorsa imprints her form on glass and in bronze, mapping it into a web of untraceable crossroads, a mythic location in-between worlds.

Her body represents strong emotions in a repetitive and obsessive way, bringing about an intense effect.

“Katya” is an exhibition of the girl’s portrait as well as the artist himself.

  • WHEN

    March - November 2013

  • WHO

    Artist: Bart Dorsa

    Production: 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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