Bizarre Foods

Bizarre Foods is a TV-series hosted by Andrew Zimmern. Possessed by an satiable curiosity and, apparently, an even stronger digestive system, Andrew (a chef and food writer) travels the world in pursuit of unusual regional delicacies and startling native “delights” on the menu, as he tries to ferret out the weirdest foods a location has to offer.

In addition to vivid descriptions of the taste and texture of the foods he discovers, Andrew also provides a short history of each dish.

In Bizarre Foods, episode 3 of season 6, Andrew Zimmern visits the mystical city of Venice. He enjoys the food in the historic city while catching critters in the Lagoon, blowing Murano glass, and indulging in the best cicchetti in the world.

360 Degrees Film provided location services for this episode of Bizarre Foods.

  • WHEN

    June 2010

  • WHO

    Host: Andrew Zimmern

    DoP: Mike Simon

    Production: Tremendous! Entertainment - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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