The debut film by writer director Valerio Mieli, Dieci Inverni (Ten Winters)  was shot between Venice, Rome and Russia. The movie talks is a portrait of the relationship between a man and a woman who meet for the first time in Venice as students, whose love story develops through the eponymous ten years.

Produced by CSC of Rome, the two lead characters are played by Isabella Ragonese and Michele Riondino, and the cinematographer was Marco Onorato.

Dieci Inverni won the prize “David di Donatello” as the best first time picture in 2009.

  • WHEN

    January - March 2009

  • WHO

    Director: Valerio Mieli

    DoP: Marco Onorato

    Production: Csc Production - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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