Fuoriclasse – La Scuola Possibile – focuses on six creative workshops, which are run with limited resources but great intelligence and care during school hours and in difficult social and economic contexts. These workshops provide open spaces of autonomy, cooperation and creativity which in turn allow the children the expression of a freedom of thought and their astonishing creativity, illuminating our idea of school time.

It represents an opportunity to re-open the public debate from the grass roots level on the importance and beauty of primary education and on the wonder of teaching children. It is a way of weaving and repairing the network of educators and youth workers, connecting teachers and parents, theory and practice, a network which at times in the past has become strained, frayed and even broken.

360 Degrees Film produced this documentary Directed by Stefano Collizzolli who co-wrote it with Michele Aiello, the documentary Fuoriclasse – La Scuola Possibile was produced by our team at 360 Degrees Film and distributed with the support of Rai Cinema.

  • WHEN

    January 2015 - April 2016

  • WHO

    Production: 360 Degrees Film


    • Italy
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