Lexus Beyond - The Road

Lexus Beyond is a magazine created by drivers for drivers printed and published online by the famous luxury car brand Lexus.

Lexus Beyond contains a huge number of interesting articles, interviews and online videos about the world of Lexus cars and everything you need to know about Lexus: tech-details, test-drives, apps and much, much more. In the issue “The Road”, Lexus Beyond Magazine examines technology, industrial evolution and everyday life of the driving experience.

“The Road” (Issue 7) is divided into two articles about Rachid Al-Dhaheri, the “Little Alonso”: a seven-year-old boy who has spent half of his young age racing go-karts.

360 Degrees Film supported the Winkreative team and Lexus following this precocious and prodigious motorsports talent during his latest race at the Pista Azzurra in Jesolo, near Venice.
It was spectacular to see this young boy mastery of the art of driving. With so much obvious potential and skill, it is truly staggering to imagine what he will become and to what heights he will aspire in the future. Just like Lexus, we can drive to our goals and go beyond.

  • WHEN

    June 2015

  • WHO

    Production: Winkreative

    Production Service Venice: 360 Degrees Film


    • Jesolo (Venice)
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