Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea (abbreviated MIC) is a BAFTA-award winning, structured-reality television series produced by Monkey Kingdom. It tells the lives of affluent young people in West London as well as their travels to other locations all around the world.

In this episode of Made In Chelsea, “If Your D*ck’s Working, Your Head’s Working” (season 7, episode 5), Stephanie arranges a trip to Venice but is surprised to see Spencer and Emma come along. Emma feels awkward surrounded by three of Spencer’s exes, while Stephanie tries to give them hell.

Made In Chelsea has become a minor TV-cult in the United Kingdom, with an official app-game, an online show, music gigs, a series of short episodes online and MIC:FIT, a fitness DVD.

360 Degrees provided full support in finding the right locations for the shooting and in the organizational aspects.

  • WHEN

    February - March 2014

  • WHO

    Production: Monkey Kingdom - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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