Meet Me In Venice

Meet Me In Venice (also known as Railmovie), directed by Eddy Terstall in 2014, tells the story of Liza, a young Dutch woman who decides to travel to Venice in order to meet her father Mauro, who left when she was just a child.

Mauro, who has travelled the world as a musician, decides to take Liza on a musical voyage, along the route of the Orient Express.

It took 2150 kilometres and six different countries to shoot this film. The entire cast and crew was on an authentic journey, travelling the same route as the main characters: from Venice to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, from the city of Zagreb to Central Bulgaria and finally Istanbul and the splendour of the Bosporus.

Meet Me in Venice stars Roberta Petzoldt, Beppe Costa and Nikola Rakocevic.

360 Degrees Film was the Italian production company for the shooting in Venice.

  • WHEN

    June - July 2014

  • WHO

    Director: Eddy Terstall

    DoP: Gábor Deák

    Production: OneBigAgency - Submarine

    Production Service Venice : 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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