Mojito (2007) is a short film entirely shot in Venice, directed by Stefano Bruno.

Paolo is a young man who keeps re-experiencing the car accident that left him almost blind. Anna, a young painter, is the person who reminds him that he cannot be arrogant with the rest of the world because of his condition.

As a consequence, Paolo decides to show Anna what it means to move in complete darkness. They wander around Venice, blindfolded, until they finally experience a moment of total freedom.

In the end Anna realizes that she doesn’t have to be scared of the dark because she just needs to dream and get on with in her life.

The short stars the young talents of Igor Horvat and Giulia Di Fonzo.

Produced by 360 Degrees Film, Mojito received a nomination at the Milan International Film Festival.

  • WHEN

    April 2007

  • WHO

    Director: Stefano Bruno

    DoP: Giovanni Andreotta

    Production: 360 Degrees Film - Hovo Faber Film


    • Venice
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