Nero Giardini Junior FW 2015

Producing top quality shoes, accessories and clothing, Nero Giardini is an outstanding Italian company with decades of experience at the cutting edge of fashion. Nero Giardini has established a reputation for craftsmanship and finest quality, serving as an ambassador for Italian craftsmanship in the world.

The Nero Giardini Junior FW 2015 campaign presents a wide-ranging and colorful collection as dynamic, lively and imaginative as the Italian boys and girls it portrays.

With exclusive style and up to the minute modernity, Nero Giardini’s new collection for kids reflects the vitality and optimism of youth.
The commercial shows it in portraying kids immersed in famous places of Milan city.

The campaign itself says: be yourself in the world’s capital city of fashion!

We were proud at 360 Degrees to produce this stylish commercial, directed by the brilliant Giovanni Andreotta and shot in several locations in the heart of Milan. We filmed in the brand new estate of Gae Aulenti, inside a toy factory in the center of the city and over the rooftops of a famous hotel facing the new commercial district.

  • WHEN

    March - April 2015

  • WHO

    Production: Map Srl
    Production Service: 360 Degrees Film


    • Milan
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