Piaget Secrets and Lights

Piaget Secrets and Lights is the new 2015 commercial by the famous jewelry brand, shot in Venice and Samarkand.

Piaget Secrets and Lights, the new Piaget Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie collection, celebrates the history of the silk route and the wide expanse of cities and cultures that the ancient route links. The new collection is inspired by two legendary cities, Venice and Samarkand. Chosen for their cultural wealth, exotic architecture and explosive creativity, each place provides a remarkable inspiration for the exceptional artisans of the Piaget workshops.

Shot in the center of Venice, the commercial searches out the mystical and beautiful spots where all secrets and lights are hidden. From dawn till dusk, the crew filmed near St. Mark’s Square and along the Grand Canal, catching the magical reflections in the water of this amazing city.

360 Degrees Film organized and managed the preproduction and shooting stages of the commercial.

  • WHEN

    May 2015

  • WHO

    Director: Matthew K. Firpo

    Production: Bandits Production

    Production Service Venice: 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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