Ports d'Attache

Ports d’Attache is a Québec tv-series, produced by DBcom Media and broadcasted on TV5 Québec Canada. The show broadcasts in Europe, Africa and Asia too, through TV5 Monde. The English version of the show is Waterfront Cities of the World, broadcasted on Discovery World HD.

Ports d’Attache is hosted by photographer Heidi Hollinger, who travels to the most beautiful port cities in the world.

In each episode Heidi explains the history, the architecture, the geography, and the daily life of the citizens. She also meets with them and tries to understand all the differences that characterize each single city.

During Season 02, Ports d’Attache arrives in Venice to see the beauties of this wonderful Italian city.

360 Degrees Film offered full support for the shooting of this episode, including its producer Nicola Rosada, who was interviewed and walked the streets of Venice with host Heidi Hollinger.

  • WHEN

    September 2011

  • WHO

    Director: Nicolas Boucher, Etienne Deslièves

    DoP: Louis-Philippe Blain

    Production: DBcom Media - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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