Samsonite Travel Lighter to Go Further

‘Samsonite: Travel Lighter to Go Further’ is the brand new commercial from the famous suitcases company.
Samsonite Travel Lighter to Go Further commercial focuses on the importance of travelling everywhere in the world with simplicity and without cumbersome luggage.
The plot of the ‘Samsonite Travel Lighter to Go Further’ commercial is as follows:
“Nothing should stop you from travelling. That is what Samsonite is all about. The further Samsonite innovates, the further people can travel to experience the best moments and memories.
Travelling yields one of life’s deepest satisfactions: you unplug yourself from everyday life and find a sense of happiness and fulfilment.
Samsonite aims to create an emotional bond with consumers, inspiring them to let their dreams take them further.”
360 Degrees Film provided a full range of support for this production, especially in helping to find the right locations in the city such as Palazzo Pisani Moretta and Palazzo Pisani Ferri for the interior shots and Campo San Vidal for the exterior “suitcase-passing” scene.

  • WHEN

    October 2014

  • WHO

    Director: Arnaud Uyttenhove

    DoP: Rik Zang

    Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

    Production: Caviar Brussels - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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