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Sir David Alan Chipperfield is a British architect. He established David Chipperfield Architects in 1985 in London. He has been recognized for his work with honours and awards including membership of the Royal Academy of Arts. David Chipperfield Architects is a global architectural practice with offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shangai.
In 2016 the Studio wanted to organize a unique event to bring all people working around the world back together and to thank Sir Chipperfield for his continuous hard work.

360 Degrees Film was contacted to find the right place to host the event with more than 300 guests and to represent the spirit of the Studio in the event’s settings. 
Scuola Grande della Misericordia was the best place to host the event for its history and for the architectural power that emanate from every single brick of the building.

Scuola Grande della Misericordia is recognized among the most important social institutions in the Serenissima Republic of Venice, the Scuola di Santa Maria della Misericordia, along with those of San Marco, San Rocco, San Giovanni Evangelista, Santa Maria della Carità, San Teodoro, and dei Carmini, represented the seven “Scuole Grandi” of Venice whose members were predominantly high dignitaries in Venetian society.

In 1914 it became home to the educational and sporting activities of the Costantino Reyer Sports Club, which in spite of many logistic difficulties managed to transform it into a temple to sports in Venice. The highest point of the unique relationship between the Scuola Grande and the Reyer Club was basketball, a sport that became popular in Venice first and then the rest of Italy, and which influenced the identity of the club and shaped the spaces of the Misericordia. The first floor, with its court and famous wooden grandstands, was consecrated as one of the great temples to basketball, not only because it was the backdrop to epic challenges, but also because of its exceptional features. The Misericordia was home to the Reyer Sports Club until 1991 when the City of Venice entrusted the restoration of the building to Giovanni Battista Fabbri, although work was never completed. The works will finally reach completion in 2015 thanks to a new restoration project for the Scuola Grande by architect Alberto Torsello.

This unique event was organized by 360 Degrees Film, located in one of the most iconic and beautiful Venetian Venues, one of the symbols of the Serenissima’s power for centuries.

  • WHEN

    October 2016

  • WHO

    Production Service: 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
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