The Search

The Search was a seven part television show on Channel 4. The premise of the show was that ten contestants with unique skills must solve a variety of ancient clues and puzzles from throughout history, with the aim in each episode of finding “The Symbol”. The team successfully fulfilling each mission wins the game, while the losing team must sacrifice one of its members .

The Search was hosted and created by Jamie Theakston, inspired by Kit Williams’ children’s book Masquerade, and produced by Princess Productions.

The Search was filmed in a variety of locations and made active use of historical buildings and themes incorporated into the puzzles.

The first episode was set in Italy and it focused on the Italian Renaissance. The contestants met in Venice and proceeded to Florence, San Gimignano and then Pisa.

360 Degrees Film helped in finding the best locations to set the show and locate all the different clues and puzzles.

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    Director: Rupert Smith

    Production: Princess Productions - 360 Degrees Film


    • Venice
    • Florence
    • San Gimignano
    • Pisa
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