A Dutch film from 2014, The Tuscan Wedding is a thematic sequel to 2011’s Loving Ibiza (?).

Although not a direct sequel, the characters are loosely based on those of the previous film, but whereas they declared love Ibiza, in Tuscany they are to marry each other.

The Tuscan Wedding was also written and produced by the same team as Loving Ibiza.

360 Degrees Film was the Italian production company, charged with providing professionals for locations and production management of the whole movie.

  • WHEN

    May to August 2013

  • WHO

    Director: Johan Nijenhuis

    DoP: Maarten van Keller

    Production: Johan Nijenhuis & Co - Farmhouse - 360 Degrees Film


    • Florence
    • Pisa
    • Siena and Surrounding Areas
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