Our Services

Mission Statement

360 Degrees Film will assist you in pre-production planning and management. We will read your script and give you the best advice for a time efficient and cost effective shoot.

Our experienced location managers and scouts can find any location throughout Italy to match your requirements. A personalized digital database will also be made available directly on our website or using services such as Dropbox or Wetransfer, aiding pre-production research for any kind of production.

360 Degrees Film can budget and schedule any type of production, regardless of whether your budget is low, medium or high. We will provide reliable and cost-effective services. Budgets and schedules are prepared to meet individual requirements in all formats such as, for example, Movie Magic.

Italy offers tax credits as well as financial incentives.  We can advise on the opportunities for your project to benefit from every possible incentive or fund.

Our accounts and payroll services are also expert in Italian Tax Credits policy.

Our company deals directly with the relevant local authorities to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in any location throughout Italy.

We provide and administrate a highly professional and multilingual crew. We rely on a qualified and experienced team of professionals who are highly experienced in working for international productions.

We carefully supervise our suppliers to provide you with the highest possible standards. We fulfill every production requirement: from equipment facilities to the best hotel in town. Our close collaboration with many suppliers ensure privileged terms and conditions, whilst always keeping a close eye on budgetary considerations.

Whether its getting around Venice with taxi boats and barges or the rest of Italy with production cars, vans, motor-homes and trucks, we can arrange travel and transportation for cast, crew and equipment.

Our network of actors, extras and model agencies fulfill any characteristics for every project.
We can arrange buyouts for all types of projects following your needs and your budget.

Due to our flexibility, 360 Degrees Film is fully able to organize special events, art exhibitions and parties for both public or private celebrations. We will oversee all the technical and organizational details.

360 Degrees Film can organize and supervise all editing requirements with our established network of post-production companies: CGI, 3Ds, Audio Soundtracks etc.